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Procurement and funding →
If orders are not placed with the best bidder, this can result in substantial financial losses. The incorrect placement of orders regularly results in bidders being unlawfully discriminated against, as well as causing financial harm to the organisation that places the order. 
 Funding is generally awarded for a specific purpose. If you believe that funding has been misused (e.g. used for a different purpose or misappropriated), you can report your concerns here.

Financial services, money laundering and financing for terrorism →
Regulations and controls for financial services, financial products and financial markets are essential, for example in order to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism. Since the financial crisis brought to light serious shortcomings in the application of regulations, new rules have been introduced that help to uncover risky or harmful practices at an early stage.
 Money laundering refers to the illegal channelling of money into the legal financial and economic system, e.g. sponsorship income from dubious contractual partners or agreements with anonymous contractual partners that are designed to conceal the origin of the payment.

Consumer protection →
The system can also be used to submit reports on breaches of consumer rights and consumer protection regulations that exploit the weakness of consumers in their dealings with companies.
 These include:
  • Restricting the right to information or the right to withdraw from a contract, including on online platforms
  • Not offering cancellation options
  • Breaches of obligations to provide information
Public health →
Another way that the whistleblowing system can be used is to share any information you have regarding practices that pose a threat to public health. Such information often relates to disease prevention.

Data protection, network and information system security →
This refers to breaches of data protection regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), violations of regulations on the protection of trade and company secrets, as well as shortcomings in data and system security. These mainly include cases of wrongdoing that affect large quantities of data or sensitive personal data. 
 For example: 
  • Misuse of personal data
  • Unlawful disclosure of trade and company secrets
  • Inadequate protection of internal IT networks 
Corruption and bribery (sections 302-309 Austrian Criminal Code) →
Here, the focus is on preventing and combating corruption as defined in the Austrian Criminal Code (Österreichisches Strafgesetzbuch), e.g. bribery, accepting favours and gifts, as well as prohibited intervention.

Environmental protection, animal protection, food safety, radiation protection and road safety →
You can use the system to report violations of environmental protection law and cases of environmental damage, as well as breaches of animal protection, food safety and road safety regulations. Cases of improper handling of ionising radiation and nuclear materials can also be reported.
 Examples include: 
  • Unlawful waste disposal
  • Improper handling of harmful substances
  • Water, soil and air contamination
Product safety →
Compliance with product safety requirements is an important matter of public interest, as it safeguards basic expectations regarding the safety of goods. Information on illegal manufacturing, import and sales practices may come to light in connection with unsafe products, especially at organisations involved in the production and distribution of such products.